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Alexia Katherine Loyal


Dona trained Birth Doula

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Welcome to Loyal Births homepage.

 I am grateful for your interest in my business and your inquiry to the birth support and options available to you and your growing family.  My name is Alexia as well as momma, babe, sis, and a few others and my calling is all things birth and mothering.  I was blessed with two mostly angelic children with two very different birth stories.  I landed into the great unknown of motherhood not so gracefully and continue to find the beauty, love, and lessons in each new morning of successes and failures.  I have learned that perfect doesn’t typically exist for more than a few moments at a time but I never anticipated the magnitude of beauty that radiates from these imperfect moments I am gifted each day.  


Soon after becoming a mother, I found myself at the crossroads of what I wanted my future professionally to become and the impact I hoped to leave on this world.  Fast forward several laps of swimming through as much birth information I could safely not drown in and here we find each other at Loyal Births.  I am a proud DONA trained birth Doula and the secretary and member of the Indy Birth Alliance.  I provide education and evidence based support, elevated care and companionship, and respectful and grace-filled advocacy for expecting mothers and their family through pregnancy, labor, and beyond.  In the two years of my private practice, I've been blessed and humbled to come alongside mothers and families of very different backgrounds, cultures, race, beliefs, and my goodness is our world a beautiful one.  All the colorful personalities I make lasting relationships with have truly only made me a stronger and better human and a better Doula.  


I have experienced non-medicated and medicated births, vaginal and cesarean births, mommas hardly making it to triage before its time to push, a handful of dedicated mothers who labored for days to meet their little one, and a few successful VBAC's.  Every birth is so unique and keeps me on my toes and the joy a new life brings will keep me near this work til I'm wrinkly and maybe seeing births of babies whose mother or father I saw earthside.  

I never imagined being so in love with what I do and who I do it with and I am forever grateful for the families who see and experience the value of a birth Doula and allow me the blessing to do what I love as a profession.

What is a doula, anyway? 

While Birth and Postpartum Doulas provide a unique variety of individualized services, our purpose is universal.  We support, respect, educate, and empower every woman to be the exact mother she was created to be. To be heard, validated, and powerful; to honor her courage and pride in her abilities and intuition.  We come alongside women and their families through pregnancy, labor, and beyond.


Your individual pregnancy will be unique. Some beautiful moments and some weird, some joyful moments and maybe some scary or unknown. I will walk with you and your family throughout this journey and offer advise or knowledge when applicable and together bring your new baby into the world as peacefully as possible. Most importantly you are responsible to be an informed advocate for your care and the overall pregnancy and birth you are desiring. 


Birth: the moment not just a baby is born but also and most importantly the mother. This is to me where the real magic happens; when informed and stellar birth teams get to share an intimate and life-changing experience.  Unfortunately often coined in our society as fear provoking, agonizing, or gross, I interprete this as the "super bowl" moment for pregnancy and Doulas.  I take great pride as well as humility to serve my clients in every way I'm capable.


Post-partum, just like pregnancy and birth, looks different for every family. There are so many variables such as maternity and paternity leave, older siblings or pet transitions, finding successful rhythms for breastfeeding or bottle feeding, medication adjustments or re-introductions, amount of family or friend support, etc.  However your post-pregnancy and birth life look, we can work together to formulate a plan and smooth out any bumps if they arise.

From the first months of pregnancy as you prepare for your new little one, to the days and months after your bring your baby home and settle in, Loyal Births is happy to journey alongside you. 

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