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Loyal Births provides safe, evidence-based, and empowering pregnancy, birth, and post-partum services to expecting mothers and their families. My goal is to help guide and equip you during this exciting, yet uncertain time; to create a space for you to ask questions, to feel seen, heard, and loved; to have the tools and courage to shape what your pregnancy, birth, and motherhood become; to advocate for you and the options that you have during your birthing journey; and to be a consistent source of support. 

Mommin' ain't easy! When you need to gently tell your husband that his shoulder massage is a little too aggressive but your thankful for his effort, I'm your Doula. When you need help asking your mother-in-law to leave the room kindly but firmly, I'll be there to help. When a moment of doubt and discourag-ement creeps up on you while birthing, I'll be there to encourage you and remind you how strong you are and how far you have come. When you have questions about lactation, but you're third in line to see the specialist, I'm your girl. There are truly so many situations when having a Doula gives invaluable peace and support all mothers deserve; just remember I'll be there. I'll be there actively listening, observing, and anticipating your needs and your families needs. 

Did you know that having a doula means you are likely to have a shorter labor, 34% less likely to be dissatisfied in your overall birth experience, 28% less risk for a cesarean birth, and 31% less likely to need Pitocin?!?

I trained in 2017 by DONA International. In the almost three year I have been practicing, I have been part of almost 30 births, and assisted four families through post-partum complications. I have experience with cesarean birth, VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean), Hypnobabies, and water births. I also provide special services including massage, basic birth and breastfeeding education, as well as offer TENS Unit Rental, birth ball rental, and a library of resources both general and local for all Loyal Births clients.

If you are interested in learning more, contact me today to set up a free phone consultation!



From conception to birth, I will be there to help you through all of your questions, concerns, options, and thoughts. I can provide consultative services to discuss what you may expect during your pregnancy journey, what options and decisions you have based upon your personal preferences and circumstances, and how you can make your childbirth the best possible for you, your partner, and your babe. We can work together to create your personalized birth plan with your desires in mind, always including a "Plan B"


In addition to supporting you during pregnancy and planning for birth, I am present with you during birth. Whether that be at home, a birthing center, or the hospital, I can provide guidance and support early on and throughout the entire process of labor, reminding you of planned coping techniques, coaching you through moments of uncertainty, reminding you how amazing you are, and helping to communicate your requests to family members, nurses, etc. according to the preferences you have communicated during your pregnancy.




Immediately following birth, and in the weeks following, I can be available to guide you and your new family in settling into this new life together. This usually begins with questions around breastfeeding, bonding with your new babe, and what "normal" is. But it also goes far beyond this-to support at home, including preparing your home, discussing responsibility shifts, pumping, bottle feeding, diapering, baby wearing, labor recovery, and peri-natal mood disorders or PPD. I consider it high priority to help you and your family transition well into the "newness" of parenthood.

No matter what services you are in need of, I am excited to start working together to help you have the best pregnancy and birthing experience possible. Please contact me by clicking below to discuss your specific needs and concerns, pricing, and details of the process.


Once we determine if you would like to work together, below are the necessary forms to complete and sign before we begin the process.   

Contact Me Today to Get Started

From the first months of pregnancy as you prepare for your new little one, to the days and months after your bring your baby home and settle in, Loyal Births can be there every step of the way to help you. 

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